Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Partyi

I stumbled across an awesome Thai place in downtown Osaka today called Mai-Thai. Unfortunately I can't connect to their website, but pertinent info is above if you want to visit the same restaurant.

Initially I was a little worried about the place. It looked nice enough.

Their food pictures seemed tasty.

 But the question mark plate through me off, and when I arrived there was only one other person in the restaurant.

I ordered the pad thai, mostly out of fear, but was pleasantly surprised. The waitress was very nice, and the chef greeted me on my way into the restaurant and as I left. Lunch included soup and drink costing only 818¥. While I was there the restaurant started filling up and a crew of office workers livened the place up.

Around the corner from Mai-Thai is a department store called Parco.

A store inside called Thank You Mart 390 sells discounted: t-shirts, iphone covers, stickers, lens-less glasses, key chains, croc shoes, croc belts, dresses, mini-skirts, and assorted toys with random English phrases on them. :)

When  I stepped off the plane in Kansai the first thing I thought of was how natural Arkansas is.

Forget the trees. 

This dog should know better than to ask for a home when it already has an uber comfy looking coffee can to live in. 


The Japanese are Republicans? 


Uh huh. Well alright then.

My last big splurge of the day was on a taiyaki snack. Most traditional taiyaki are made with pancake batter and filled with adzuki, red bean, paste. I found white taiyaki, so named because it's made with tapioca flour instead of pancake batter, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The one I got was custard filled, and the batter tasted like a cross between a crepe and mochi.