You has a genius?
Wants you should share it I do, yep.


Dankie :)

By contacting me you agree to make public any statements, sentiments, or soliloquies betwixt us. Consequently, anything that shows up on this blog that bears ANY similarity to you, your life, or your Great Aunt Bertha, defying gravity and common sense, is merely a coincidence. By contacting me, or reading any part of this blog, you are complicit in the agreement of this coincidence; in fact you not only agree on coincidental events in life, but you sponsor them wholeheartedly. You champion the rights of oddities everywhere by chaining yourself to misnomers, misconstrued statements, and general confusion. Unlike hippies sublimely sharing free love and LSD, you fight for coincidence, you destroy for coincidence, maybe you even ramble on aimlessly in defense of sweet, sweet, coincidence, and it's overly bubbly sibling serendipity.

Double Dankie,

Goat :)