Saturday, April 23, 2011

Real Food Market at Covent Garden

The real food market, held in Covent Garden square every Thursday from 11am - 7pm, allows up and coming foodies, tourists, and chefs the chance to taste the latest and greatest of fresh organic produce. It inspired me to attempt cooking the bird above. The chicken came out tender and tasty, but the vegetables first drowned in olive oil and crisped beyond recognition...The market is much more interesting than overcooked vegetables though.
Organic fruits and veggies

Juicing stall

Hot sauce and fresh chiles

British Biltong sausages and aged meats

Fresh lamb steak or beef stake sandwiches

Woodward's Farm lemon chicken sandwiches, and assorted sides (think olives in oil with garlic, veggies, and cheese)

The Polish Deli of London

Kebabs and sausages up close

 I got a panini at a different stall. This was the last one they had as they were waiting for another shipment of panini making supplies so I got this at a discount, but it still tasted delicious.

Coffee, espresso, whole beans

Fresh baked pies and cakes

Meat, veg, and fruit pies

Don't forget your lard.

Fresh made empanandas.

Corn-crepes chadupas.

If you can't get enough sweet pies and pastries at one of the vendors there's a sweet shop, Hope and Greenwood, across the street. It's directly across from the Royal Theater and has everything from chocolate bananas to treacle toffees (a neighboring shop is also opening up next week that will sell gelato and coffee :).

Yeah, that's a chocolate hedgehog.

Not that you need another reason to visit the fresh market, but if you let vendors cook delicious food for you, instead of inadvertantly dehydrating vegetables with a chicken, you don't have to do any dishes. In my defense all of the manuals to our appliances are in Italian...

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