Friday, February 18, 2011


Who doesn't like visiting the fabulous city of Las Vegas?

Me. That's who.

Vegas is old people that start gambling and smoking at seven am, drunks swerving across six lanes of traffic, and dried puke or other unmentionables crusted to the street after baking in the desert sun. For the full effect, please play the following two videos at the same time if your browser will allow.

Above are reasonably young, attractive, women Only Vegas advertises. Neither woman has red or blond hair, just as Vegas is not actually populated by young healthy people. In reality the "Strip" is a smokey haze where creepers jump in and out of the tar to slip roofies into drinks and leave you with topless lady/star boobie cards, and possibly and STD.

Take note, in this video of the soccer moms, their spray tans, and the fact that most all of the people that can afford to visit Vegas are not actually exciting interesting beautiful people, but sad drunk old people using alcohol to "let loose" aka lose their shirts, both figuratively and literally.

I should clarify that the majority of my loathing focuses on the strip and it's seedy casino's, which provide jobs for nearly every single person here either directly or inadvertently. That said, there are some nice places, outside the strip, that still have a shred of humanity and unadulterated beauty to them.

Item #1, and today's FIG:Food is Good, or comforting/nice stuff surviving despite the hype of "Vegas":
The Thai House Restaurant, tucked away in a strip mall at E Silverado Ranch Blvd and S Maryland Pkwy, is far enough away from the strip that it still has a soul, and tasty delicious curry. If you're looking for comfort food consider ordering the Pad Thai.

Or you can buy a Sonic Burger, large fry, and large Coke for about the same price. Don't add on any specialty drinks, sandwiches, or sides though because you'll blow your budget.
You can spite me, dear silent reader, and buy fast food instead, it's cool. I will still enjoy my young coconut ice cream over sweet sticky rice, and raise my spoon to you wishing your arteries all the best!
From left to right. Water glass, coconut juice, coconut with amazing delicious ice cream and sticky rice inside.

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