Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cat Sandwich

This is my sister's demon spawned cat Cheetoh. He pretends to be the undead and rattles my bedroom door at ungodly hours in an attempt to break into my room and steal my space heater. He also pukes all over the house and blames it on Hazel.

Fluffy creamy fruity cakey amazingness.

Chocolate goo.

Orange crème brûlée tart thing.

Cafe latte and cake goodness. When ordering a cafe latte in Japanese it's pronounced, "Cafe ra-te". L's and R's are interchangeable here apparently.

Spring water? I'm hoping this design spreads to US water fountains. 

Wandering around town on during a festival.

Hand washing area. Not to be confused with drinking water.

Korean BBQ in town. Soooooooo good!

This is my cat Hazel. She is the most cross-eyed "best lap-cat of the year" award winner of the past decade. She likes to pee in my sister's closet. 

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