Thursday, April 14, 2011

The British Museum Photo Dump 1

This ship is actually a clock. All the little people would move around as the time shifted.
Mechanical galleon. If this were my alarm clock I would wake up early every morning to watch it sound, and possibly speak in a pirate voice for the rest of the day. It's really better that this is in the museum, and not at my house...

Sassy clock top. She's got those Shakira hips going on.

Pilgrim badges, way cooler than a passport.

Censer cover for priests. The incense must have made the houses look like they were all on fire.
 This plaque goes with the pilgrim badges aka collectible pins circa roman times.

Death is there to collect the knight if he disappoints the lady, and the lady if she births his child.

Pin that rich men would have worn on their cloak/a hat.
Really old silverware.
Yaaaaaaaaaar, ship masthead, another item that belongs in the museum, and not my shower. Do you own a design company? Could you plEEEEEEEEEEase make a shower head like this? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?
Bacchus is supposed to be in the middle.
What it might have looked like complete.

Three little pagan chicks sitting in a row.

Dead guy inside.
I initially thought it was silly/slightly creepy putting a guy's face on the jar his remains went into, but considering how few people could read at the time this actually makes a great deal of sense.

Ancient poor dude, "Sorry to hear about your uncle buddy."
Dead dude's nephew, "Yeah...,"looks at the urn "they did a great job with his expression."
Ancient poor dude, "He never could see very well could he."

The intimidator mask, for men with effeminate faces that want to go to war.

A clockmaker's son stumbled across all this metal "junk".
Average guy gets a pot with his face on it. Gaius Julius Alpinus Classicianus gets a box and gigantic scroll on top. The feeling I walked away with was, he's dead, but at least he's well read (I'm sorry, had to).

Bog guy.

The scream.
Madonna's inspiration.

Girls gone wild.

For some reason they're all clutching their boobs. Apparently this pose is timeless, and increases fertility.

Animated movie of what the room that this frieze came from might have looked like. The Persians knew how to decorate...

Dreadlock face
I really like the hands.

Found Enlightenment. It includes a stuffed platypus, fyi.

Chilling with my eagle. *hip thrust*
Dude with an eagle, and the chick behind him with a stick. I'd vote eagle over stick any day.

A faun holding baby Dionysis, thus the grapes are still grapes and he hasn't grown a taste for naked women yet.

Airing of the arm pits.
"Not cool armpit boy."

Portrait of Moliere.

"I'm on a boat!"

Grumpy pants.



Sir Hans Sloane, "Wanna see my collection of dead hummingbirds?"

Conchology. Oh, it's a word playa.

Bad hair day.

These are HUUUUGE shells, I didn't have anyone in the pic for scale
Egyptian bird. I don't know the actual name, but it looked cool.

Initially I thought this guy was doing a fist bump with a basketball. Then I read the plaque.


This couple was taking their engagement photos at the British Museum. How awesome is that?!

Their photographer.

One eyed, one legged bird, kinda.

More beard dreads. Why don't more people have dreaded beards these days?

More pretty hands.
Note the super predatory cockerel.

More compulsive boob clutching, mom to daughter this time. I still don't get it.

Another timeless pose. I call him "the foot picker".

"I want YOU to sacrifice more virgins."

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