Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dinner

It's 2am and I'm watching Raising Arizona, that hilarious hillbilly flick with Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter, waiting for my brain to shut up and go to sleep. 

This happened once before, as you might have read in an earlier blogpost, and today's insomnia results from the same insurgent. Tea. 

I'm pretty sure that they put crack cocaine in the tea here in the UK. It's the only logical explanation as to why I can't sleep right now after having only one cup of tea earlier this evening.

Brain, "What about the fact that you hardly, if ever, drink caffeinated beverages and your body likely doesn't have any resistance to its stimulating effects?"

Me, "Brain, I realize I need you to function, but you're acting like the inflamed prostate of a forty year old meth head. Shut to the up, squared. Ok?"

Brain, "You also drank tea late in the day which wasn't very bright on your part."


Brain *Snickers*
Me *Attempts to shove chopsticks as far up nose as possible*

Insomnia aside, today was actually a really great day. A friend cooked dinner, taught me how to not burn things in the kitchen, and I successfully made fresh bread from a packet recipe.

Here's proof.

Idiot proof packet bread, beef roast, cheesy broccoli, spicy mashed yams, gravy, and red wine.

Cheesy and delicious, you can hardly even taste the broccoli.

Meeeeeeeaaaaaat goooooooood.

Brain, "You're still not asleep."
Me, "You're still acting like my lower extremities."
Brain, "Infant."
Me, "Douche."

You see what I have to put up with?! The joke's on my brain though because I'm not drinking anything caffeinated ever again, and we're going to the art museum tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Boo yeah, sucka.

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