Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shoot the Moon Through the Eye

My brain isn't functioning properly so this post will mainly include pictures from the past few days. Above is a delicious mango lassi (indian yogurt drink).
Soft shell crab boiled into submission and covered in curry. I wound up eating the shell because it was soft enough, and didn't feel like picking through for such tiny bits of meat.
 After dinner I did some walking around London and found an Asian bakery that made one of the cutest Easter cakes I've seen.
Fluffy yellow bunny, fruit, and chocolate.

The London Eye

I shot the moon through the Eye. Get it? Sorry...

Sweet car.

I lapsed into a brief diabetic coma this afternoon as my lunch included: kiwi-orange-passion fruit smoothie, yogurt banana chips, and dark chocolate gelato. Drury Lane First Food carries fresh fruit and a smoothie consists of them blending whatever fruit you choose. They also offer milkshakes which will be my option next time to delay losing anymore limbs.

Chicken glasses.


This cat taunted me while I was in search of a public restroom.

Can cats laugh sarcastically?

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